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What We Do

Container Pros – We make the Circular Economy work.

Container Pros provides reusable container cleaning and container management services in Ontario. Reusable containers come in many forms and terms including collapsible containers, folding large plastic containers, reusable transport packaging, hand held containers, and intermediate bulk containers to name a few. If you have these containers as part of your operating system then chances are you need a reliable service partner for the warehousing, cleaning, maintenance and return of these containers.

We operate industrial container processing systems including container washing for folding  large containers and hand-held containers within our facility, centrally located in Southern Ontario

Are you looking for management of your container systems or looking to get started?

Reusable container management services

Container Maintenance

  • Container Washing system for Hand Held totes
  • 3500 PSI High Pressure Wash of Large Folding and IBC Containers
  • Sanitary Wash
  • Label Removal

Value Added Conditioning

  • Barcode, RFID and IoT Device installation/removal
  • Asset ownership placard installation, Label placard replacement
  • Non-structural repairs including weld crack repair, component replacement

Secure Reverse Logistics

  • Product returns
  • Product destruction
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Special wastes (e-scrap, batteries)


  • We will recycle 100% of all packaging, inserts, dunnage and non-laminated paper and board stock.
  • We review all reusable packaging used and specify when necessary to change material types at point of fulfilment to ensure we both achieve this goal.

Onsite Services

  • Providing Turn-Key, resident vendor managed material handling, container cleaning/conditioning
  • Supply of labour and supervisor
  • Focus on custom tailored programs that drive efficiency and cost savings

Our services achieve the highest Three R priorities

Expendable Packaging


Our mission is to enable you to Reduce expendable packaging whenever possible. Reduce material, Reduce energy and natural resources all expended on a single use. Reduce Waste in our society by enabling Reusable Containers that can be Returnable over and over again. Ask us about our onsite program assessments and we will demonstrate how you can begin reducing expendable packaging in your operation.

Reusable Containers


Material Handling and Shipping with Reusable Containers provide the highest material utility as they can be cycled in a closed loop system over 200 times before reaching their end of life.
A single-use, corrugate box cannot provide the environmental savings, the avoidance of significant material and energy inputs each time one is remanufactured for a single use.
Our services facilitate continuous Container Reuse at a fraction of the environmental costs to remanufacturing single use containers.

Resource Conservation


The pursuit of Recycling is the pursuit of Responsibility with the mass adoption of collection systems to support commerce and society in resource conservation.
Reusable containers will always fulfil the highest levels of responsibility and go beyond Recycling in environmental resource conservation and creating a Circular Economy.
We take you to the next level in environmental stewardship.
We will show you the way.

Containers we service


Industries Served: Automotive Supply Chain, Retail Distribution, Healthcare Distribution. Services include high pressure container washing, container cleaning, label removal, RFID tag & IoT beacon placement, tracking, repair, and warehousing.


Industries Served: Food grade liquids and Automotive Supply Chain. Services include high pressure container washing, container cleaning, label removal, RFID tag & IoT beacon placement, tracking, repair, and warehousing.


Industries Served: Consumer Packaged Dairy and Beverage, Tray Pack Meat, Bread. Services include high pressure container washing, container cleaning, label removal, RFID tag & IoT beacon placement, tracking, repair, and warehousing.

About Us

Ivan Renco

Owner of Container Pros, a full-service reusable container management company providing container cleaning and inspection services for large container pool owners in food, automotive and retail. Positioned to enable e-commerce and the packaged movement of goods in the most sustainable ways possible.

Success in business through Willow Creek Environmental (since 2012) and Container Pros have been sustained on trust, reliability and value. You cannot persevere in the marketplace if you do not have ample portions of these foundational elements.

My entrepreneurial mission is to bring 21st century digital framework to upgrade our collective 3 R conservation systems from Recycling to Reuse.

Looking to collaborate with blockchain, automation and last mile specialists to enable reusable container returns both commercially and through a sharing economy. To help solve the hurdles today that prevent commerce and society at large from evolving to a reuse packaging economy.

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