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Our Services

Container Pros provides reusable container cleaning and container management services in Ontario. Reusable containers come in many forms and terms including collapsible containers, folding large plastic containers, reusable transport packaging, hand held containers, and intermediate bulk containers to name a few. If you have these containers as part of your operating system then chances are you need a reliable service partner for the warehousing, cleaning, maintenance and return of these containers.

We operate industrial container processing systems including container washing for folding  large containers and hand-held containers within our facility, centrally located in Southern Ontario

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Our unique cleaning facility allows Container Pros to handle Bulk Container Washing & Food-Grade Sanitation rapidly in high volumes.

Reusable container management services

Container Maintenance

  • Container Washing system for Hand Held totes
  • 3500 PSI High Pressure Wash of Large Folding and IBC Containers
  • Sanitary Wash
  • Label Removal

Value Added Conditioning

  • Barcode, RFID and IoT Device installation/removal
  • Asset ownership placard installation, Label placard replacement
  • Non-structural repairs including weld crack repair, component replacement

Secure Reverse Logistics

  • Product returns
  • Product destruction
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Special wastes (e-scrap, batteries)


  • We will recycle 100% of all packaging, inserts, dunnage and non-laminated paper and board stock.
  • We review all reusable packaging used and specify when necessary to change material types at point of fulfilment to ensure we both achieve this goal.

Onsite Services

  • Providing Turn-Key, resident vendor managed material handling, container cleaning/conditioning
  • Supply of labour and supervisor
  • Focus on custom tailored programs that drive efficiency and cost savings

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